When Someone Yells at You from Their Car


A Cinelli New Year

The Year has started off on a good note for me. At 9:24am on Friday the thirteen, my friend Keni texted me “I got a deal for you”. Mind you I was all frantic and chaotic in the office arranging last minute changes for an event the very next morning. If you have had any... Continue Reading →

A New Year’s Wish

May your fortunes reach beyond the stars, And your passion, bring joys from afar; May your life find enlightenment, And may your soul attain contentment; As we now greet the year celebrating, May you be 'ever showered with blessings. Happy NewYear!!

You Got The Bike. Now What?

You scouted along street corners and many, many local bike stores. You have looked at a thousand bikes. You have read hundreds of reviews and gone thru just as many magazines and websites. You have listened to many conflicting advices from friends, sales assistance and YouTube. You reached a higher plane of confusion but alas... Continue Reading →

What Bike?

You want to get a bike but where do you start? Do you look for the best bike in town? Do you custom order a bike? Which is the best brand? The first thing that you will need to decide on is what kind of cycling you intend on doing and why. Why? Well if... Continue Reading →

A New Leaf

I have been pondering for a few months now on what I want to put into this “buhlog” of mine and I finally came to a decision on what it is I want to “buhlog” about. Sometime in August, I made a decision to pickup cycling as a hobby and that somehow led me into... Continue Reading →

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