What A Fixie Rider Can Do

This woman has skills. Please share this with all those fixie riders who think they are really great riding around dangerously. Riding around without brakes and cutting through traffic as if you're indestructible is not a skill. Respect! https://youtu.be/inYecHGwXU8


How To Buy A Bike?

I am assuming by this time, you would already have an idea of what type of bike perks your interest. If you are not sure or simple didn't know there are options,read this article first. Next you need to figure out how much you are willing to spend on the bike, however, you need to first have... Continue Reading →

This is the line The line between winning and losing Between failure and success Between good and great Between dreaming and believing Between convention and innovation Between head and heart It's a fine line It challenges everything we do And we ride it every day TEAM SKY

A Cinelli New Year

The Year has started off on a good note for me. At 9:24am on Friday the thirteen, my friend Keni texted me “I got a deal for you”. Mind you I was all frantic and chaotic in the office arranging last minute changes for an event the very next morning. If you have had any... Continue Reading →

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