Authentic Homemade Tomato Sauce

Here is an authentic way to make tomato sauce for your pasta, lasagna and whatever else you wanna use tomato sauce in. Tomato sauce not only adds great flavour to your dishes but it is also a very healthy sauce. 

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C and K. One cup of tomato sauce will provide you a quarter of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A and half your daily requirement of vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin A to maintain low-light vision and for building connective tissues under the skin. Vitamin C fills multiple roles within your body, including keeping your teeth and gums healthy, speeding wound healing, metabolizing fats, and absorbing other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin K affects blood clotting. The potassium and manganese in tomatoes help your body build stronger bones and stave off the muscle cramps you could get from low levels of these minerals.

Tomatoes are also naturally rich in the antioxidant lycopene and it also provides fiber. Lycopene, vitamin A and vitamin C all serve as antioxidants that protect your body’s tissues from damage.

Homemade Fresh Juice Popsicle

This is fun to do with the whole family. You can make it a family activity by getting your kids involved with the entire process.

What You Need
– Juicer
– As many popsicle moulds as you want
– Popsicle sticks
– 3 different fruits of contrasting colours

Combining sweet and sourish fruits works wonders. Try one of the following combinations or pick your own combination:

  • Red Apple, Watermelon, Orange
  • Orange, Fuzzy Kiwi, Sweet Mango
  • Papaya, Red Apple, Orange
  • Red Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, Orange
  • Golden Kiwi, Red Dragon Fruit, Pineapple
  • Peach, Fuzzy Kiwi, Pineapple

1. Juice the fruits in batches and store in separate containers in the refrigerator. Do not add sugar. If you need add a little the water.
2. Starting with any flavour you like, fill the popsicle moulds 1/3 full and place in the freezer until frozen.
3. After the first layer is completely frozen, pour in your second juice to another 1/3 of the mould.
4. At this point, cover the mould with its cover and insert the popsicle stick through the slot. Push it a little bit into the frozen layer. If your popsicle mould doesn’t come with a cover, use tin foil to cover the mould and gently make an incision to insert the popsicle stick.
5. Again, allow to freeze completely before adding the final layer.
6. Allow to freeze completely.
7. Enjoy!

Hangover Remedies

Is it quite common for you to take a whole day to recover from a night of drinking?
It has been a long time since I went all out on alcohol but I still get caught in one every now and then. The good thing is, I learnt a long time ago how to counter the effects of a hangover. The reason we get a hangover is because too much alcohol depletes your body of nutrients and dehydrates it too.

So what do you do knowing that you will have a hangover?
Here are some simple remedies you should try before you crash out on the pavement or immediately after you figure out when you are.

The fructose in watermelon will replenish your blood sugar level. It is also loaded with juices that will rehydrate your body very fast. This is my favourite quick-fix remedy. Throw in a squeeze of orange or grapefruit to speed up the effects.

Coconut water
Some people believe in fighting a hangover with sports drinks. A natural alternative to sports drinks is coconut water. It contains essential electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium and it rehydrates. This is my alternative to watermelon.

When alcohol is consumed, it depletes our body of magnesium and potassium which can lead to nausea and tiredness. Bananas are loaded in both magnesium and potassium and are also great for reducing stomach acid. Bananas are also energy boosters.

Soup is a great way to rehydrate and replenish you body of sodium and nutrients. It is easy on the stomach and digests more efficiently. I love a bowl of mixed vegetable and pork ribs soup for lunch after a night out.

An alternative to soup is oats. Oat contain many nutrients, B vitamins and essential minerals. Oats also absorbs toxins, replenishes your sugar level slowly, rehyrates your body and cleanses the liver.

Too much alcohol can leave you feeling queasy or nauseous. Ginger will help settle your stomach and relieve nausea. Warm ginger tea is the best and easiest way to consume it.

Eggs are rich in protein which raises serotonin levels that boost your mood. Eggs are also rich in cystine, an amino acid that will fight against alcohol-induced toxins. My personal choice would be half boiled eggs with soy sauce.