For a long time I have been wanting to live a more physically active lifestyle but the nature of my work for many years did not leave much room for anything. In 2010 my career environment changed for the better. I rediscovered what it is to have a weekend off and have hobbies again. In April 2010, some friends got together twice a week to play badminton. Some time early this year, situation forced our schedule to only once a week. I wasn’t getting enough of a workout and that was beginning to demotivate me. So, I revisited cycling and have now gone into running as well. Both of these put together with the right advice, seems to have put me on the right path at least for now.

This blog’s objective is to provide the necessary information one would need to start a healthier lifestyle without the information overkill that I went through. I am not an expert in health, weight management, cycling nor running; I am merely sharing my experiences that the next person can relate to and stop staring at these things like some scary monster from the nether world.

My personal target was to be 68kg and run a marathon. I am now 65kg and still enjoy all the great tasty food that Malaysia has to offer. I have completed five, seven, ten and a couple of twelve kilometers runs and I am now targeting to complete a half marathon. I hope that I can inspire someone out there to get off his/her lazy arse and look better, feel better and live better.
Lance Armstrong put it best – Live Strong!

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I am not providing any professional advice and/or consultation. Everything on my blog is purely a sharing of experience and should in no way be taken as professional advice. If you have a health condition or you are not certain if you can follow any training or routines mentions in my posts, please consult with a professional such as your doctor, a fitness trainer or physical therapist.
You may follow any training, schedule, tips, et cetera on my blog at your own risk.


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