The Benefits Of Running Clinics

There are some very good tips here from a personal friend of mine.


The Benefits Of Running Clinics


The Ultimate Goal

99% of runners would love to improve their personal running time if they could. The remaining 1% are probably in denial. Being able to run faster, at a faster pace, will not only lead to a better running performance, but equally important, when you run fast, your body movements are at its most efficient. In fact, I believe that the aim of all my running endeavours is to utilise my body’s energy as efficiently as possible. I can achieve that by following all of these points (in no particular order of importance):-


Eat The Right Kind Of Foods, In The Right Quantity, And At The Right Time.

Improve My Running Techniques.

Increase My Cardiovascular Fitness.

Strengthen My Running Muscles.

Running the recommended weekly mileage distance.

Rest adequately in between training and running sessions.


Wearing proper running gear.

Keeping Mentally Strong.

Avoiding The…

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