An Endurance Life

You may never take part in an endurance race but watching this video, you might understand why some people do it. The view and the places they go to are breathtaking and amazing. I do envy these people.

Sébastien Chaigneau is an endurance runner, specialised in ultra trail running. Born 23 February 1972, Sébastien particularly loves the mountains and outdoor sports. He has been trail running for over ten years now, was a runner up for the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc and third for the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji.

The Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji is a 168km race with a cumulative altitude gain of 9,500m.
The Untra-Trail du Mont-Blanc distance is approximately 166km, with a total elevation gain of around 9,600m. There is no prize money awarded.


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