Debunking The Paleo Diet

There have been so many diet programs over the decades enticing people to lose weight the most efficient and fastest way possible. There is the Volumetrics Diet, The Paleolithic Diet, The Atkins Diet, Low-Carb Diet and then there are nutrition companies coming up with diet systems of their own to promote their products. Such as Herbal Life who encourage you to consume large quantities of their product and be healthy.

I have had my share of diet programs and I personally believe that if the program tells you to not eat certain food group(s) or if they suggest not eating real food or if they even suggest large periods of starvation, then they are on the wrong track.

Here are some basic points you should consider if you are considering a diet program:

  • All food groups are essential to your body
  • Starvation is short term and your body will retaliate at some point
  • Exercise is vital to an effective diet program
  • Diets should be about consumption management and deprivation

The most recent diet program to hit our shores is the Paleo Diet. The first time I was introduced to this was by a fitness trainer, who himself was on the program (to what reasoning I have no idea). As he explained with deep conviction about the diet I became more and more reserved about it. Well, I finally came across a talk that debunks this program and I share many of her viewpoints on the program.

Heck! Watch it yourself and you decide if this is a diet program worth your sacrifice.


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