Specialized Evade

Specialized Evade Helmet 2014Yesterday I went over to GH Cycle, our local Specialized concept store here in Malaysia. While I was there the Specialized Evade helmet caught my attention. I suppose it was mainly due to the Black Orange one that would match my bike’s colour perfectly. Unfortunately they only had the small size for the orange one, however I did try the special limited edition CVNDSH green. This is the Mike Cavendish edition released this year.

The fit was really comfortable. The Aero-Road design will definitely cool your head while maintaining a good amount of aerodynamics. The internal venting system is far more efficient compared to earlier versions of Specialized helmets. I have never been a fan of their helmets simply because the broad design was a personal turn off. I also find that the front of their helmets protrude quite a bit. This would definitely get in the way of your vision when you are on the drops and picking up speed. The new Evade, however is perfect except for 2 minor details. The adjustment dial is much smaller than any other helmets in the market, but I suppose that once you get your fit right, you won’t need to reach back much to adjust the tiny dial. The other this is that this helmet gives extra protection around your temples, so you may feel a slight amount of pressure there. It looks like Specialized has one helmet that I like with no compromise on design.
All in all, this is one helmet to consider if you are willing to fork out RM899 at retail for your safety.


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