The Left Bank

CyclistRecently, Kimbeley Yap, a SEA Games Gold medalist in triathlon was injured in an accident on the Penchala Link. She was hit by a 20 years old driver with his Harrier while cycling in the morning. On one forum, most everyone were saying how stupid of her to be out riding on the highway in the first place. Irrelevant of highway rules on cycling (or your puny point of view), most of you can be rather self-centered on the road. You take little to no notice of cyclist and pedestrians. Your only concern while driving, is getting to where you are going as fast as you can, your phone calls, text messages and your postings on Facebook, Twitter and whatever social sites you subscribe to. So I just had to voice this out to all motorist out there (and those who have a negative perspective on the victim).

First of all, you cannot train on a road bike in a “taman” (park). If we hit someone there, you will all say that we are stupid for riding in a park and we should ride else where. Riding up and down Cameron, Genting or Putrajaya is no more safer as drivers there are no more different than most of you, self-centered pricks.

Time of the day? Morning is peak hour traffic. From 11am till evening is high heat (unless it’s pouring). 12pm thru 2pm is lunch traffic and after that it only eases a tad bit until the 4:30 peak traffic moves in all the way till after 8:30pm. When we ride after dark, you will say we are causing a danger cause you cannot see us in the night. So? Are we to cycle after the world has slept? Trust me, even then it is no different with wasted drivers coming out of pubs and bars.

Kimberley YapIn Malaysia, road bikers don’t have a place to train properly where they are not avoiding potholes, pedestrians or errand motorist every other second. Highways roads are the only feasible options for competitive and avid cyclists. I cycle around my neighbour hood where traffic speed is not that high nor heavy, yet I still almost got run over by a car that tried to squeeze between cars at the traffic stop and me on the left bank of the second lane. And even when there are no other vehicles on a two lane road, I have had drivers swerving into me. Cyclist don’t ride out in the middle of the road; we cycle on the left bank which you are not suppose to drive into anyway. How big a road do you selfish tarts need for one freaking car. Why can’t you share the road?

So, it is not about where or when we ride. We are in constant danger of stupid-selfish motorist who seriously don’t give two hoots about anyone be they cycling or walking or even driving. All I want to ask is for you to try a little kindness and not just take notice of cyclists but to share a tiny little space on the left bank of the road with us. Is that too much?

I pray that Kimbeley will recover really soon and that she is not permanently injured in anyway.

Kimberley's Bike



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