Fitness Loyalty: From Morning to Midday Runs

This is a very good article.

Will Run for Glitter

If you work out in the morning, then you understand how important routine is to, simply put, getting it done. I mean, let’s be honest. An alarm clock blaring from across the room doesn’t exactly entice us to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, nor does a pitch black room or the warm blankets we know we’re bound to leave behind.

What does inspire us to open our eyes, ignore the “snooze” button and saunter into the bathroom? It’s the feeling we get from breaking a sweat before the sun has said hello. It’s our ability to start each new day with a bang. It’s the chance to greet the day with energy and positivity.

Few things can replace this sensation, and missing out on that irreplaceable sense of ahh (also known as sweet, sweet endorphins) can be as disastrous as forgetting to brush our teeth or put on pants…

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