Why Workout On The Weekend?

Tired businessman

Why should you workout on the weekends when you could stay in bed a couple more hours?
You’ve been waking up early the last five days, battling traffic, battling office politics, managed to squeeze in a little real work somewhere in between that and had drinks with colleagues you don’t really like. You deserve the break. You deserve that extra time in the sack. Right?

Well not exactly wrong. To most people, exercise is painful and tiring. You would feel better laying down like a log in the ruffles of your pillows. You do deserve that break and more downtime in order to recuperate for next week’s battle. But remember a strong warrior need training and preparation.

If you are the type that gets out to the park once every full moon to get those muscles moving and convince yourself that you do try to maintain a healthy body, exercise is painful. Simply because you don’t do enough of it. Exercising once in a while is like trying to start up your car engine after leaving it in the garage for a month. It is difficult, it is painful and very tiring.

I find that when I don’t exercise regularly, my body gets lethargic and my mind is not fully awake most of the time. The thing is, you all feel it too but you have been doing it for so long that you no longer realise it. In fact, you probably feel awkward when you don’t feel it. Since I started exercising regularly, I have learnt to like the feeling of being awake and energized. I find that I get more done and more effectively. If you truly want to change your lifestyle then know that you have to make some lifestyle changes.

Try A Simple Start

Start by waking up just a few minutes earlier on your work days. Go for a good, but not heavy, breakfast. Take your time enjoying your breakfast. You would actually need to plan your breakfast – what will you eat, where and who with? Get a couple of friends who live nearby to join you. Do this two to three days in that week. Sleep in on the weekend.

Week 2

On week 2, set your alarm a half hour earlier and exercise for 15 minutes. Do simple exercises in the comfort of your home, or go out to that park near your house. After you’ve done that, take a shower, get ready for work and meet those friends of yours for breakfast again. Do this three to four days in that week.

By now, you should find your friends complaining about having to wake up earlier to meet for breakfast and that they are not getting enough sleep. You should also begin to feel the opposite. You will find that your body and mind is more awake. Sleep in on the weekend if you can.

Week 3

Continue on this path for the third week even if you are now having breakfast on your own. Get in the office earlier and start catching up on work and planning ahead. Leave the office early on Friday evening. Plan an evening out with your partner or have dinner with friends or family but get home early. On this third week, you will wake up early on both Saturday and Sunday. Set your alarm very early on Saturday morning. Take your partner or family along with you and head out to the nearest community park. Stretch for 15 minutes, jog for 30 minutes and then go for a hearty breakfast. On Sunday, set your alarm to go off just after sunrise. Make Sunday your lazy day. Have a slow and easy breakfast with the family or plan one with your friends. Go someplace nice where you can enjoy the environment and not rush thru breakfast. After that go out for a movie or ice-skating or go-carting or anything that you like to do.

It’s Week 4

On week 4, you go back to the normal routine you had before. No exercise. No breakfast. Yes, you heard me. Go back to your drinking sessions and staying out late and having irregular meals. Go back to your normal routine and see how you feel now. I can guarantee that most of you will find it very irritating. You might even try to continue your new routine from week 1 or week 2. But don’t. Give your mind the time to feel the difference.

Week Brand New Lifestyle

On week 5, you start your new lifestyle. You can start the process all over again, or jump into what you did in week 2 or 3. Only now, plan your workouts. What days you will workout and at what time. Is it going to be a run or a cycle or a day at the gym. Whatever it is you will discover the new more energetic you. You will find yourself performing better at work. More importantly, you will feel your body getting healthier and you will feel a whole lot younger too.

Try it out. What is the worse that could happen?



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