Pin-Fit Inspiration: April

Daydreams & Shoestrings

Time to share with you my recent Pinterest Fitness (Pin-Fit) findings/inspirations/obsessions.  If you are like me, and need a lil’ bit of extra “something” now and again, target at least one new workout a month – or one a week if you are ambitious!  The idea is that changing things up a bit helps motivate – both physically and mentally!  And it never hurts to build a stronger core, and strengthen arm and leg muscles.  These postings aren’t exactly yoga, or biking, or swimming, or cross-fit, but sometimes a small shift is a BIG change.  Hopefully one of these helps inspire you!

What’s the best time of day to exercise? Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, or someone who looks forward to a midday break to split up the workday, what matters most is clearing whatever roadblocks that get between you and your workout.

Morning Person?  Working out in the morning definitely has its benefits: it helps wake up your body; clears…

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