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It has been just over one year and one month since I began this blog. I believe it is due for a little update.
For a long time I have been wanting to live a more physically active lifestyle but the nature of my work for many years did not leave much room for anything. In 2010 my career environment changed for the better. I rediscovered what it is to have a weekend off and have hobbies again. In April 2010, some friends got together twice a week to play badminton and I have pretty much kept that going even now. Some time early 2011, situation forced our schedule to only one session a week. I wasn’t getting enough of a workout and that was beginning to demotivate me. So, I revisited cycling and have now gone into running as well. Both of these put together with the right advice, seems to have placed me on the right path.

There was a point in my life over eight years back when I weight 83kg and was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I was at that time active in a multi-level marketing group that was promoting a weight management program. Just to be clear here, a weight management program is not the same as a weight loss program. There are many diet programs out there that can help you lose weight but most will not do your body justice on the long run. Anyway, during the 45-days program, I managed to lose 4 kg in body weight and over the next four months my weight adjusted to 74 kg (give or take 2 kg) and maintain there over the next 2 years. This program changed my metabolic rate so that my body would self manage its weight. Of course, it just doesn’t end there. As I did not stick to the program’s advice, I gradually regained my weight and by 2010 I was back at 80kg. With my weekly badminton sessions, coupled with a little food management, I managed to lose four kilograms and I stayed at 76 kg for the next one year.

In 2011, with the help of a good friend, I got a second hand road bike and started cycling. A couple of weeks after that, I was having coffee with this friend and we talked about cycling, running, triathlons and how he transited from one end of the spectrum to the other. The whole conversation intrigued me and though I never saw myself running a marathon, I always wished I could. Weight and age were two displaced factors that constantly left me feeling inadequate. I tried getting out of bed early several times before in an attempt to start a running habit, but the subsequent muscle sore was just too overwhelming. I would take days to recover, procrastinate my next run and eventually the idea of running itself faded into the abyss of the forgotten realm and I regressed.

Hobbies are supposed to be fun and not stressful. So, I did what I normally do when I get intrigued about a particular topic; I researched it. I stumbled upon a website for runners. It has loads of information for beginners and much of the techniques there can be applied to most forms of exercise. You are totally wrong if you think that all you needed is will power and discipline to go out there and run one, two or even three kilometres. You need to know how to do it right otherwise you will be back on television watch duty in less time than it would take to watch two episodes of House. I applied the techniques on two short runs and within that same week, I found myself running amongst thousands of fellow running enthusiasts on a 3.7 kilometres route on a small hill. I thought I might suffer a day or so after that, instead I recovered within that same day and the next day I was playing badminton with more stamina than before. Running should not be stressful. You should enjoy it and if you are lucky enough to live near some nice scenery, take it in as you run. If you just want to keep fit or have an activity other than working and getting drunk, try running.

This blog’s objective is to provide the necessary information one would need to start a healthier lifestyle without the information overkill that I went through. I am not an expert in health, weight management, cycling nor running; I am merely sharing my experiences that the next person can relate to and stop staring at these things like some scary monster from the nether world.

My personal target was to be 68kg and run a marathon. I am now 65kg and still enjoy all the great tasty food that Malaysia has to offer. I have completed five, seven, ten and a couple of twelve kilometers runs and I am now targeting to complete a half marathon. I hope that I can inspire someone out there to get off his/her lazy arse and look better, feel better and live better. Lance Armstrong put it best – Live Strong!

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I am not providing any professional advice and/or consultation. Everything on my blog is purely a sharing of experience and should in no way be taken as professional advice. If you have a health condition or you are not certain if you can follow any training or routines mentions in my posts, please consult with a professional such as your doctor, a fitness trainer or physical therapist.
You may follow any training, schedule, tips, et cetera on my blog at your own risk.


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  1. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

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