To Climb A Mountain

I have less than two days to my first half marathon. I know that I am not properly prepared for this run but my objective is to complete the twenty-one kilometers even if I end up crawling to the finish line. Reaching the finish line is critical in meeting my personal goal; to finish what I start. It is the mental barrier that I need to break. At this point, I am all excited and at the same time my muscles are already dreading the pain that I will be going through. After this half marathon I will go back to running seven to fifteen kilometer races until my muscles tone up and strengths properly. My goal to run a marathon by 2015 is still intact. I will go through the journey of achieving that goal step by step.

I had decided a few of days ago to get into trail running and trekking. That would give me an all rounded muscular workout and also a different scenery. My friends and I are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu sometime early next year. All this came about because my office is sending me to Kota Kinabalu next month for work. I thought I might take a few days off and climb the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelagio. After doing some research I realized that there is quite a bit of preparation that goes into it apart from the half a year advance reservations that I need to make. So after two days of deliberation, I decided that I will arrange for a group trip to the mountains in 2013. My friends and I are now evaluating travel packages and schedules and I have started scouting for rucksacks and other relevant (and sometimes otherwise) equipment. I am quite charged by all this. Firstly because it is simply good to set goals outside of work and your regular routine. It certainly gives you a renewed energy and something to look forward to. Secondly, I will be doing something that most people would not dare to even think about. I am well aware that climbing a mountain, even one with a beaten trail to follow, is quite a challenge but I want to push myself to new heights of achievement. All my days since I left school had been about work. It is time I started taking care of myself and enjoying the things that Mother Earth has to offer. Hell, if Prada, Gucci and other luxury goods are what tickles your fancy and you want to spend the rest of your life keeping up with the Jones then by all means proceed. However should you feel that all this city lifestyle is getting a little mundane and somewhat irate, then maybe you should try the outdoors. Running around a park on the other end of the city is a good start. I figured, this is my life therefore I should choose to live it well. I tired the thought of spending the rest of my life fighting traffic jams, breathing smog and batting crazy shoppers at the malls. Start something new.
What new goal have you set for the year ahead or the next?


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  1. Awesome, that looks like an incredible climb! Bit more than I’d be ready to take on at the moment, that’s for sure. 😀 I love running trails the best — they’re much less boring than streets — but we get snow here and the trails turn to mud, so it’ll probably be a few more months here before things dry out enough for trail running.

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