World Kidney Day Run 2012

2nd March 2012
Two days to go for the seven kilometers World Kidney Day Run 2012 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. The race kit collection was easy peasy but my Brooks race T-shirt is a wee-bit small for a large size. So, I’m going to have to change it today.

I am quite excited as I have not seen a race since January 8th. Chinese New Year ate the remainder of January and Federal Territory Day, Thaipusam and Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday took out the first half of February. As such we have not had a major race through these 6 weeks or so in or about the Klang Valley. In the mean time I have been running hills, walking steps and adding a little resistance training into my weeks. I still haven’t worked it into a proper schedule though. I am simply looking forward to this Sunday as a warm up to my first half marathon next weekend. It is quite a leap this early in my running life but I just want to break my mental block first. So wish me good luck.

It is also my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12’s first race this Sunday. Excited I am.

4th March 2012
Race Day.
Got up at 5:00am. By the time I found parking and reach the venue, the place was already packed with eager runners. The sun haven’t even broken over the horizon. I was all excited because today I brought my camera and intended to take pictures for my blog. So much so, I forgot to start my HRM until a kilometer from the starting line. I took just over an hour to reach the finish line with some fifteen minutes delay due to my friend whose ankle was giving problems just before the drink station. I lost momentum after that and was more focused on taking pictures. All that didn’t matter as I did not feel any fatigue or muscle sores. I was more mentally and physically prepared. The stairs training really paid off.

Check out my race day picture gallery here.


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