Stair Climbing

Working in a metropolitan can sometime make it difficult to squeeze in training time. I travel fifty-two kilometers daily commuting to and fro work. On a weekend it would take me thirty minutes to reach my office but on weekdays it takes an hour on average. Going home is even worse; I have had to battle traffic for two hours trying to get home and by the time i reach my door, I am hungry, tired and mentally exhausted. I end up not training for days and it only gets worse during the rainy season.

So, I decided that I need to do something about it. I mentioned in a previous article that I had tried a weight-loss program. Apart from a diet routine, we also had to walk ten-thousand steps a day. On a good day I would get in four thousand. This is actually quite briliant as I started looking out for ways to add steps to my pedometer everyday. Anyway, this guy in Penang started stair climbing at his apartment on the twelfth or sixteenth floor or something like that because of this program. Not only did he improve his fitness level over a four weeks period but he also overcame a mild heart condition that he had. So I decided to do just that.

I started climbing up to the sixth floor cafeteria from my office on the second about a week ago. Initially I would have to take a breather every six flights. Now I climb from the ground level up fourteen flights without a break. I reach the top huffing and puffing but it feels really good and I can feel my muscles getting stronger. I have set a target to climb thirty flights up to the fourteenth floor before the end of April.
Have any of you tried stair climbing? How do you find it?


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