What Is Your Xcuse?

Warning : This is a Slap-In-The-Face write up. It only for those who are looking for change. Read further at your own peril.

For many years I had wished to be healthier and more physically active. For many years all I did was wish and dreamt and pondered. For many years all I did was nothing.

You can talk about it all you want, but until you actually get off that lazy tush of yours, nothing is going to happen. You will not lose weight. You will not look better no matter what you put on. You can look at yourself in the mirror, lie to your own face and even force your partner to agree with you. Of course you could have been staving yourself into malnutrition but if you have done nothing to your daily routine or food intake, you either look the same or have put on more pounds and forcing your partner into agreeing with you changes nothing. The only way you will actually look and feel better is if you take action and take action now. This is why Nike’s 1988 slogan “Just do it” is one of the top slogans of the twentieth century and is enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution. So what’s your Xcuse?

It’s Too Much Effort?
Well, if it is too much effort then accept the fact that you will not look any better than you do today. Today is probably the best you would ever look. Give up all hope that you could look and feel better. Stop asking if you look good and instead start asking, “Do I look as shitty as I did yesterday?” because it can only get worse.
Do you seriously like that flab hangging in front of you that you have to lean forward just to see your toes?
Do you seriously like trying to fit into clothes that don’t really fit you at all? Buttons and buckles just trying to break free?
Effort is what you need in anything that you really want. It comes down to your goal; is it important enough? Because if it is, you will make the effort. Remember, this is about you and only you.

I’m Not Fat, I Am Big-Boned.
This is my favourite excuse. Somehow, every time I hear those words they seem to come out of a “fat” or overweight person. This is denial at its best. Look at that large flabby lumpy thing hanging down your arms; it is not muscle. Squeeze that large tub of lard surrounding your mid-section. There are no bones there.
You can stand in front of a mirror all day convincing yourself that you look the way you do because God wanted you to look that way or that it is just who you are; but the fact is you eat too much, you have no self-control and you could not be bothered to exercise properly (lifting a quarter pounder is not exercise). You are only horizontally challenged if you eat right and exercise right and still can’t put-off that excess weight.
I’m not asking you to run a marathon tomorrow. Simply start controlling your food intake and exercise everyday. Set an hour daily to go out walking around the park and gradually increase your speed or distance each week. You don’t need miracles. Just take action.

I Don’t Need To Lose Any More Weight.
Okay. This goes out to you skinny people who just can’t put on any weight. If you don’t want to run or cycle, then get some resistance workout. build some muscles and tone your body. It’s great that you can’t put on weight, but being skinny doesn’t give you a free pass to a healthy lifestyle. You can still have other complications. And would it hurt to have a great looking rear-end?

I Have More Important Responsibilities.
I am sure many of you are married with children. It is understandable that you will have less time for yourself but you still need a little alone time every now and then. This is a great way of getting “alone time”. It is just you and the road for a whole hour or so. If you still need an excuse to get healthy, consider this – what if you landed in the hospital as a result of you not taking better care of yourself.
I have seen many people making their runs a family affair. It is a common sight to see people pushing a stroller on race day. It is really that difficult?

I Have Too Much Work?
I love this one. Everyone complain that they have too much work and thus have no time to work out. Everyone is spending more and more time licking their bosses behinds while time takes a toll on their bodies. The only reason you have to work late is that it has got into such a habit that doing otherwise feels strange. That feeling of coming home early and having a cosy unrushed dinner with the family or partner has become somewhat alien in nature. We will work our backs out for a better life but let us not enjoy it.
Too much work is really no excuse. I used to work in an industry where I ‘had to’ work continuously through late nights and weekends. I was constantly on the go. I told myself, “I have no time to workout” until I was diagnosed for Diabetes. Suddenly I realized that I was not getting paid enough to screw-up my health. Suddenly I could make changes with my schedules and my work environment. Suddenly my boss’s whims and fancies did not really have that much of a hold on me. I am lucky that it was only Diabetes. I have had colleagues who had heart attacks, clogged arteries and other ailments that plagued them because they had no time for their health and because work was that much important to them. How sensible is that?

Image Scource: 123rf.com

So, is it too much to take better care of yourself?
Is it too hard to watch your food intake?
Is an hour or two a week too much time to waste on being healthy?
Is your health really that irrelevant?
Either which way, the real question for your health and well-being still stands: What is your Xcuse?

Note: I intentionally spelled Xcuse without the “e” because you need to “X” it out.


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