Abs Workout

Everybody wants those abs we saw in ‘300’. Hard rock solid eight pack glistening in the sunlight. Well, I cannot promise you those solid abs but you can work towards a flatter midsection. Working out your abs is an important aspect of training for running and cycling. It will provide you with greater stability and strength around your torso which is the maindriving engine of your lower body. This is called your core strength.
To build this you need to regularly perform exercises that focuses on your core. Crunches and push-ups are the most common and can easily be performed at home or in the bedroom for you lazy buggers. However for some this can be a little monotonous. There are actually a variety of core exercises that you can do at home with or without exercise equipment.
I found this gorgeous series of video conducted by a bunch of really hot chics and blokes with bodies to die for. They call themselves Body Rocker. Here is one by Lisa Marie that concentrates on your abs. She goes through three abs routine and then she breaks it down for you beginners.

Stretch bands or resistance band is one of the easiest exercise tools you can find. You can get a set from almost any fitness store and even at the sports section of most major supermarkets. The best part is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are many exercise tips you can find on how to use the stretch band to work your abs. I found this video on YouTube that demonstrates several exercises you can do at home with the stretch bands.

For more information about core strength checkout this article by Paige Waehner.


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