Laces and my GTS

I’ve got two things that I have to gloat about. First is my brand new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

I first saw the Brooks GTS 12 last year on a Runnner’s World video review of it. Yes, you heard me; it was a shoe review. Yes, shoes have reviews and so do socks. Anyway, that was the first time I witnessed shoe reviews and I was so intrigued that I watched reviews after reviews of running shoes. I never knew it could get that technical. For the first time, I looked at running shoes from a whole new perspective as words like “support”, “neutral”, “overpronation” and “underpronation” became part of my vocabulary. So, the first thing I did the next day was to run into the nearest Brook’s store at The Curve. The store had been around for awhile now but their shoes never really caught my attention until now. Like everybody else, I only looked at cool fashionable running shoes at Nike, adidas, Puma and other over commercialized shoe brands. I asked to try on their Adrenaline GTS and the Defyance from their 2011 lineup. The GTS caught my attention. What most of you may not know is that Brooks carry sizes on two levels; first is your foot length as do all other brands. The second is your foot’s width. All Brooks shoes come in three different widths: narrow, neutral and wide. Over the next one month, I ventured to try several models from Asics; the Gel Kayano 18, GT-2170, Gel Kinetic and the Nimbus. I also tried on some New Balance shoes but don’t remember which models. I even went back to familiar brands like Nike, adidas and Reebok. After a month or so, I found myself still dreaming of the Adrenaline GTS 11. So, last week I walked back into the Brooks store this time trying on the Summon 2 and the Adrenaline GTS 12. The Summon 2 with the less favourable colour was on a 50% discount offer; the nice red was still going at about three hundred and fifty ringgit. I thought that I would just get the discounted Summon 2 and save my money for something else but then I heard sweet words coming from the lips of the store manager, “30% off for the GTS”. Who could resist trying on the GTS 12 with a 30% discount on it? Yes, I was weak and I succumbed and I bought a green Adrenaline GTS 12. The next day I ran into another store and got myself a pair of Lock Laces, in green of course. And that brings me to the other thing I wanted to gloat about, Lock Laces are awesome.

What are Lock Laces?
Lock Laces™  is actually a brand of shoe lace that uses an elastic material similar to that of bungee cords. You lace your shoes in prettry much the same way as you would with normal laces however you don’t knot it up. The laces run through a device which holds it in place. As they are stretchable, you don’t have to constantly readjust the lock position except to adjust for comfort. This normally take a day or two as you walk around in the shoes until you find that perfect adjustment. After that you cut the laces to size and it is done. No more double knots, undone or stiff laces and you don’t spend time tying your laces ever. Lock Laces sell for about RM35 a pair and come in several colours.

Here are some shoe review you can read up on at Runner’s World. Click here.

Runner’s World has some interesting ideas on how you can lace your shoes. Click Here.


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