A Cinelli New Year

The Year has started off on a good note for me. At 9:24am on Friday the thirteen, my friend Keni texted me “I got a deal for you”. Mind you I was all frantic and chaotic in the office arranging last minute changes for an event the very next morning. If you have had any experience in organising events (birthday parties and office dos don’t count), you will know how that final twenty-four hour count down can send you from the Grand Canyon to the South Pole in a matter of seconds.

Turns out Keni found a buyer for my bike. I thought that he had gone mad, as he was the one who made the arrangements for my Scott not even four months before. Then came the good news – nay, great news; in return he found another second hand bike to replace my Scott S30 and all in the twenty hours or so before. The story is, a mountain biker wanted to try an entry level road bike and Keni’s brother wanted to upgrade to a triathlon bike and sell his Cinelli in the process. Keni just had to find someone with the entry level road bike who wanted to upgrade. I was just open for negotiation. So messages flew back and forth between buyer, seller and the inbetween all via Keni, ‘The Broker’. By 16:16hrs the deal was closed over instant messaging. I would collect my new bike and say farewell to my Scott S30 forty-eight hours later. Just imagine, barely four months ago I was in jubilation over the purchase of a second hand bike. Now my second hand was being traded off for a second hand Cinelli Unica in all spending a total RM3k plus between both bikes and some accessories.

On Sunday afternoon, I met with Keni, his wife and the buyer of my bike who turns out to be an old college mate of mine that I have not spoken to in almost 2 decades. A small world. See, if you get the right connections, you might just get a good deal for a second hand bike. If I had gone on to upgrade my Scott near to the Cinelli’s specs, I might have spent an additional two to three thousand Ringgit. Or I could have walked into a store and bought something similar at about five or six thousand Ringgit. Either way I would have spent at least three times more than this deal was costing me. In the end four people walked away happy – James rode off with my Scott, I took the Cinelli home, somewhere in between Keni’s brother upgraded and Keni himself went home with a Topeak top tube bag and a free lunch. Actually, if you count the original seller of the Scott, that’s five happy people.

In short, if you are looking for your first bike or maybe even your second; take your time to hunt. Pass the word around, go online and check out some forums or ask the local bike stores. You might just find a Keni along the line and couple of deals along with it. I am extremely happy with the Cinelli. It is in excelent condition and after 2 hours, degreaser, lubricant, soap and water; the Cinelli not only looks brand new; it is AWeSOMe!!


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